Music creation completed on May 29, 1999.
The third part of the composition in three parts.
Duration - 12:43.

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00:00 - The same city. Port. Work is in full swing.
01:13 - The working day is coming to an end. Evening comes.
02:40 - A ship appears in the distance.
03:17 - People gather at the pier.
03:46 - People recognize the ship. They shout happily and wave their hands.
04:24 - But the ship responds with silence.
04:42 - The ship slowly coming to the pier.
05:19 - The petrified travelers are carried out of the ship.
07:04 - The funeral procession moves to the walls of the city.
08:14 - The authorities are rushing from the city to the port.
09:32 - The processions are moving towards each other.
10:43 - The processions merge and now move together into the city.
11:44 - They all left, it became quiet.

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