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Here you can get acquainted with the work of the Russian composer

Osipov Sergei Alexandrovich

Osipov S.A., январь 2020 года

The music I offer is harmonious, melodic, meaningful, diverse in style and sound. Presented about 150 instrumental and vocal compositions, scenes from the unfinished opera "The tale of soldier Fedot" (based on the tale of L.A. Filatov), video

The audio can be accessed through the top Menu or Albums, located below this page.
Access to the video only through the top Menu.
When accessing through the menu, compositions can be sorted by title or creation date (for older compositions, not all dates are known exactly). Near each work there is some information: date of creation, co-authors of vocal compositions (if any), authors of verses, translation of the libretto of the opera, content of program compositions and other information.
Albums No. 1-7 contain music similar in style and sound. To listen to the entire album, it is enough to turn on the playback of the first composition.
Several compositions are presented on youtube, but some of them are of low quality (96 kbps bitrate).
On the website you can purchase the album «Inner cosmos» in .flac format (compression without quality loss). It includes some of the works presented here.

I sang the songs and all the characters of "The tale of soldier Fedot" myself (to the best of my modest vocal abilities).

Audio recordings in mp3 format (44100 kHz, 16 bit, stereo).

Bitrate now for all visitors 320 kbps. Registration is not required.

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Last composition added on April 6, 2024:

"Fairy forest"

Album symphonic poem "In the backwoods"

SoundManager 2: Bar UI Player (prototype)


Symphonic poem "In the backwoods"
The 1st part was created in 2023 - 2024, 2 and 3 - in 2020.
The total duration of the album is 41:19.

The compositions for this album were created in 2017, 2021 and 2022.
The total duration of the album is 44:40.

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"To warmth and light"
This album was created from August 2019 to February 2020.
The total duration of the album is 78:36.

This album was created from September 2018 to February 2019,
and contains compositions describing various scenes from urban life.
The total duration of the album is 61:14.

On the website you can purchase the album «City» in .flac format (compression without quality loss).

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Instrumental music No. 1

Instrumental music No. 2

Instrumental music No. 3

Instrumental music No. 4
Light music

Instrumental music No. 5
Program music

Music with a plot.
The first listening to the compositions "Greece" and "River" is recommended from the menu Video.
"Zoo" is recommended only together with a movie.

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Instrumental music No. 6
For relaxation

Instrumental music No. 7
Songs without words

These compositions were created as songs,
but became instrumental compositions,
etaining the couplet structure.
(Starting from the 2nd composition, the author of the main melody of the couplet Osipov A.S. (father))

Starting from the 6th song ("Barge"), the author of the main melody of the couplet Osipov A.S. (father),
except for the 14th song ("Sleep well"), in which the author of the melody of the couplet is Osipov D.A. (brother)

Unfinished opera "The tale of soldier Fedot"
(I sang all the characters)

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2 scene. Fedot walks through the forest looking for a partridge. Sees a pigeon.
3 scene. Fedot comes home. Sits down, grieves. Pigeon turns into Marusya.
4 scene. The general makes a report to the Tsar.
5 scene. General goes to the old witch.
6 scene. The Tsar calls Fedot.
7 scene. Fedot comes home.
8 scene. The Tsar is waiting for Fedot.
9 scene. The general enters.
10 scene. General goes to the old witch.
--- Added a scene with evil spirits in the forest at the old witch.
--- 1 - Dance of ghosts.
--- 2 - Dance of Koshchei the Immortal.
--- 3 - Chorus of evil spirits.
--- 4 - The general arrives.

11 scene. The Tsar calls Fedot again.
12 scene. Marusya sits by the window and dreams. He sees Fedot walking. Begins to quickly set the table for dinner.

Full text of the opera:
The translation of the original text of the tale is taken from the site

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